Jack Mearns, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

California State University, Fullerton

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I regularly teach two graduate level classes: Psyc 547--Theories of Psychological Intervention and Psyc 594--Fieldwork. Periodically, I also teach Psyc 520T--Seminar in Personality Test Construction. Psyc 547 and 594 are core courses for the M.S. program in clinical psychology at CSUF. I have also taught Psyc 341--Abnormal and Psyc 431--Theories of Personality.

I received the 2013 Outstanding Teaching Award from the College of the Humanities and Social Sciences at CSUF.


I have chaired or co-chaired over 60 master's theses. You can view a list of unpublished master's theses that I have supervised at Cal. State Fullerton.

M. S. Program Coordinator:

I am the coordinator of the Master of Science graduate program in clinical psychology. Click here for more information about the M. S. Program. The M. S. Program is a balanced scientist-practitioner program that prepares students to get the MFT and LPCC licenses, or to go on for a Ph.D. or Psy.D. in clinical psychology. It gives graduates a strong research experience, as well as intensive, hands-on clinical training. The M.S. Program draws students from other Cal. State universities, the Univ. of California system, and universities across the United States. We also have enrolled many international students, most recently from India, Japan, Turkey and Taiwan. The Los Angeles Times recently listed Marriage and Family Therapists as one of the top ten fastest growing jobs in California.


My research interests focus on people's generalized expectancies for negative mood regulation (NMRE). Much of this has been done in conjunction with Salvatore J. Catanzaro, Ph.D., at Illinois State Univ. The research is based in Julian B. Rotter's social learning theory. NMRE represent beliefs individuals have that, when they are in a bad mood, they can do something to make themselves feel better. People with strong beliefs in their ability to alleviate negative moods cope more adaptively with stress, and they experience less negative affect (anger, anxiety, depression, guilt) and fewer health problems. This research has been done on a variety of populations, including college students, caregivers for individuals with Alzheimer's disease, and police officers. Research suggests that those with stronger NMRE will experience greater symptom relief in psychotherapy, and that change in NMRE is an indicator of therapeutic improvement. The NMR Scale, which measures NMRE, has been translated into several languages: German, Spanish, Korean and Chinese versions have been validated. The validity study for the Japanese translation has recently been published. There also is a children's NMR Scale -- the NMR-Y.

I am very interested in recruiting Japanese students for the M.S. program, who want to continue the research on the Japanese language NMR Scale, including both adult and child versions.

Click on the link to go to the Negative Mood Regulation Research Page.


I was a Fulbright scholar during the fall 2016 semester working with Prof. Haruhiko Shimoyama and his graduate students in the Clinical Psychology Department at the University of Tokyo in Japan. I taught classes to master's and doctoral students and conducted research on mood regulation among Japanese people and among Chinese international students.

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Department Chair:

I served as chair of the Psychology Department at Fullerton from 2008 to 2014. The current Psychology Department chair is Dr. Eriko Self.

About Me:

My Suspense Novels:

book photo Caliphornia Mid-21st Century Los Angeles: wracked by global warming, the city
is now the western-most outpost of an Arab empire. Los Angeles-born
police officer Ali comes under suspicion when he discovers the body of the
daughter of one of the Caliph's ruling elite.
book photo Deadline News When celebrity TV anchor Wade Newsome is acquitted of his
wife's murder, who is the mysterious assailant targeting
Newsome as an act of divine justice?

My Favorite Authors (and recommended books) :

Conrad Aiken Great Circle
Robert M. Coates Yesterday's Burdens
John Sanford The Color of the Air Seventy Times Seven

My Work on John Sanford:

I have written several pieces of scholarship on John Sanford. Notable examples are:.

Brash Books is reissuing the first two novels in Sanford's
Warrensburg Trilogy. Each includes a new essay by me.

book photo

book photo

Tough Poets Press has published the selected letters of John Sanford with an afterword by me.

book photo

Tough Poets Press has reissued John Sanford's first novel, The Water Wheel,
with a new introduction by me.

book photo

My book on the writings of John Sanford is published by Oak Knoll Press.

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Regionalists on the Left contains a chapter I wrote on Sanford's life and work. book photo

Ways to Contact Me:

Office Number H-830M
Office Phone (657) 278-3514
Department Address P. O. Box 6846 (H-830M), Fullerton, CA 92834-6846
Department Phone (657) 278-3514
Department Fax Number (657) 278-7134

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