The department of Psychology is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality educational program. In order to maximize the benefits of our program, it is important that you meet your responsibilities as a student. Listed below are some of your responsibilities.

1) Advisement- You are responsible for knowing University and Psychology department policies and deadlines.

You should obtain and read pertinent sections of the University Catalog, Class Schedule booklet, the Psychology Student Handbook and instructor course outlines. You should meet with a psychology faculty member at least once a year to review your study plan and career goals.

2) Class Attendance and Promptness- You are responsible for attending all classes and laboratory meetings, and for being on time.

3) Workload- You are responsible for adjusting your outside responsibilities (work, family, social, etc.) in order to allow sufficient time for your education.

As a general rule you should allow two to three hours outside of class, for study purposes, or each hour spent in class. Additional information on this topic is discussed in the Psychology Student Handbook.

4) Authorship- It is a requirement for the department that your exams, homework, research reports, and term papers reflect your own work, unless you are explicitly directed otherwise by your instructor.

Proper methods of referencing outside sources of information should be used at all times. Additional information on this requirement may be obtained by reading the University Catalog section on Academic Dishonesty.

If you have questions concerning the above responsibilities, please contact your psychology instructor or the Psychology department chair.

Last updated: February 25, 1997