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Hello and welcome to my dept. web page! I am a professor of psychology and a clinical psychologist. My research interests include multi-cultural and gender influences on various issues within clinical psychology. In addition to being a full-time faculty member in psychology at CSU Fullerton, I am a licensed psychologist and maintain a small private practice. 

Current Online Research Surveys

I am currently conducting a study of driving attitudes and experiences. The online questionnaire takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. If you would like to take our driving survey, click on this link:   Driving Survey


I am also conducting a study of views of mental illness and psychotherapy; this survey takes about 30-45 minutes to complete (this is an extra credit option for my Psych. 341 students worth 10 points). If you would like to take our Psychotherapy Survey: Click here to take our Views of Mental Illness & Psychotherapy Survey

Our briefest survey (10-15 minutes) focuses on your personal opinion about counseling. (However, this is not an experiment credit option for Psych. 101 as it is such a short survey, but is a 5 points extra credit option for Psych. 341 students of mine.) If you would like to take our brief survey on counseling, click on this link: Brief Survey of Counseling

Interested in becoming a Research Assistant?

Are you interested in getting research experience? Students who plan to apply to graduate programs in psychology generally need to gain research experience as undergraduates. You can earn 3.0 units of Psych. 498 (Directed Lab Study) credit each semester while getting this experience. Click on this link if you are interested: Dr. Mori's Lab


I teach two undergraduate classes:  Psychology 341 (Abnormal Psychology) and Psychology 495 (Field Placement in Psychology - Internship). In Psych 341, we cover several mental illnesses and throughout the semester, guest speakers share their personal experiences living with a psychiatric disorder. Students really appreciate and learn so much from the guest speakers, since the speakers help them to apply what they hear about in lecture and read about in the textbook to the "real world" and give them personal, firsthand accounts of how psychological illness affects people's lives.

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