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Each of these tasks asks you to evaluate or choose between gambles. Sometimes, the gambles give a chance to win money; sometimes, they have a chance to lose money; sometimes, they have chances to either win or lose money. We are studying how people make decisions of this kind. Think of each gamble as a container that has 100 tickets. One ticket will be drawn blindly and at random, and the value printed on that ticket is the amount that you will either win or lose. The six tasks ahead take about 10 minutes each. To get a full one hour credit, you should work through all six parts in order listed. Please do not take a break during any of the tasks. We are measuring not only your choices but also the time to make each decision. Be sure to read each gamble carefully and evaluate them carefully. There is no reason to rush, because if you finish early, we have additional tasks for you to do, so that you can earn the full hour of credit.

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