Directions to Mance Lipscomb's Gravesite

The map below shows Navasota. Drive West on Washington Ave, the main road running from North-East to South-West. Pass the store, Blues Alley, and continue West through the main intersection (Washington and La Salle St.), and continue West past two sets of railroad tracks. Turn right on Fifth Street. When you cross the small bridge, you will turn right and then do a near U-turn toward the large entrance gate to Oakland Cemetery. Do not enter at that gate, but instead continue on the gravel road toward the smaller entrance about 200 yards South-West of the main entrance. One of the two pillars is marked "Oakland" and the other is marked "Rest Haven." Enter the graveyard between these pllars. Mance's grave is about 20 yards ahead and a little to the right of the gravel path. The location of "Rest Haven" graveyard is marked on the map at the "X" inside the circle. The inset on the lower right is a magnified version of the area around the cemetery. blues alley
Map of Navasota, Texas picture of tombstone
detail of Navasota Map