From: Daniel Cavagnaro and Michael Birnbaum
Department of Information Systems and Decision Sciences, Department of Psychology and Decision Research Center, CSU Fullerton

Memorandum to: Scientists and practitioners interested in judgment and decision making, Bayesian inference by humans, machines, or a blend, evaluation and decision making by the same, decision support systems, expert systems for inference and/or decision, and the like.

Subject: 51st Annual Edwards Bayesian Research Conference, Feb 14-16, 2013

You are invited to the Edwards Bayesian Research Conference. It will be held at California State University, Fullerton.

We maintain certain traditions that have made these meetings so enjoyable. As Ward put it,

"...the atmosphere is informal, the discussion can get intense, and many of the best debates take place during coffee breaks or in the hospitality suite at the end of the day. This Conference is a good place to try out your latest, wildest set of ideas on a kindly, knowledgeable, and critical audience."

The Conference will have a registration fee of $50 per person. There will be hospitality receptions on the evening before and the first night of the conference, and there will be snacks during the sessions. The last evening of the conference there will be an organized dinner.

If you indicate on the registration form that you want to talk, YOU CAN ASSUME that you are on the program. If you check "schedule me if time permits," bring your materials, but don't be hurt if time doesn't permit. We will, as Ward did, rewrite the title of your talk in an effort to make it funny unless you save yourself from our poor attempts by making your title funny in the first place.

Directions to the meeting rooms, information about airports, hotel information including driving directions to the hotel are available from this link.

Foreign registrants can pay the reception fee in US currency at the meetings.

Please let us know as soon as you can whether or not you can come. We need answers quickly to guarantee a good rate negotiated with the hotel.

Please make your own reservations with the hotel.

If we have missed someone who should have been invited, please copy this and pass it on or give them the URL. If you need to reach us, email is the best way.

We will see you at the evening reception Thursday, Feb 14, from 6:00 pm until about 9 pm. The front desk will know where this reception will be held. Do come to the reception. It's a good time to visit with old friends, meet new ones, and prepare yourself for the stimulation that follows.