The 2013 meetings are now History!

LINK TO INFORMATION on 52nd Meetings (2014) and beyond

Instructions for Edwards Bayesian Registration Form 2013

Thursday evening, Feb 14 through Saturday evening, Feb 16, 2013

This electronic form will send your registration information to Daniel Cavagnaro. The registration fee is $50, which can be paid in cash or by check at the meetings. The registration fee includes receptions Thursday evening and Friday evening, and snacks during the conference on Friday and Saturday. There will be a dinner organized for Saturday evening. Be sure to push the registration button at the end to submit your information.

1. Name:

2. Affiliation:

3. Address line 1:

4. Address line 2:

5. Address Line 3:

6. Address Line 4:

7. Phone Number:

8. Email:

9. I plan to attend the following:

Thursday reception, Friday and Saturday Sessions.
Thursday reception, and Friday Sessions.
Friday and Saturday Sessions only.
Friday Sessions only.
Saturday Sessions only.

10. Request to be scheduled on the program:

Yes. I would like to speak.
Maybe. Schedule me only if time permits.

11. Other requests:

12. Title of Talk (if applicable). Make it funny, or it might be revised:

13. Any Special AudioVisual Needs? (We expect to have the typical computer with projector for powerpoint and pdf presentations).

14. Abstract and additional comments:

Confirmation notices will be sent via email. Receipts and schedule of presentations will be available at the reception on the evening before the conference.

Please check your answers. When you are done, push the button below to send registration information.

The 2013 meetings are now History!

LINK TO INFORMATION on 52nd Meetings (2014) and beyond

Registration fee is $50.00 which includes receptions Thursday and Friday and snacks during conference.
Registration can be paid in cash or by check written to: Daniel Cavagnaro.
(For those without U.S. checking accounts, you can pay the fee in U.S. cash at the meetings).

Thank You!