In this study, we are interested in how people make judgments concerning national policy. The proposed policy contains an argument consisting of two sentences. The first gives the reason for the policy, and the second states what the policy should be. You are asked to read the argument and judge the extent to which you agree or disagree with the argument. Please click the button along the scale to indicate your judged agreement. Click the left most button to express strong disagreement and the right most button to indicate strong agreement. Click intermediate buttons to rate your position along the scale.

1. We should limit the privacy of communication on the Internet (e.g., e-mail messages and chatroom conversations).
disagree very strongly agree very strongly

2. Are you Male or Female?
3. What is your age? years.
4. How many years of Education have you completed?
Put 12 for High School Diploma.
Put 16 for college diploma (bachelor's degree, B.A., B.S., etc.).
Put 20 for doctorate degree (Ph.D., M.D., etc).
5. Nationality (country of birth):

Please check your answers. When you are done, push the button below.

Thank You!