Thank you for your willingness to participate in these student experiments. As with any content you find on the Internet, after you link to a study, you should read the materials and decide for yourself if you want to participate. Studies linked below are research projects in judgment and decision making. See the CSUF informed consent page.

For problems on any experiments listed below, or to report any other problem, please contact M. Birnbaum. Please include the URL in your email of the study on you wish to comment and the URL of the site that referred you to the study. (You may need to use the BACK key to find that URL). Click here to Contact Webmaster

CSUF Students should complete these in the order listed, keeping a record to make sure none has been skipped. CSUF students who want credit toward their class assignment must first complete the registration, instructions, and informed consent form. Please make note of the time when you start and the time when you finish. If you want CSUF credit, the entire set should be done in one session. There is no incentive to rush: if you finish early, you should start over from part 1 and continue the tasks in order until you have worked for 2 hours. We are recording the time to make each choice, so please do not take any breaks and be sure before you start that you will be able to complete the task without interruption. If these rules do not fit your schedule, please do NOT do this study.

Links to Experiments: