For exam dates and due dates, see the course syllabus. The Annenberg/Learner Channel can be viewed via video on demand for free, via the WWW. Among the programs are Discovering Psychology and Against All Odds: Inside Statistics.

Discovering Psychology:

Link to Annenberg/Learner for Discovering Psychology 26 half-hour video programs that cover the fundamental principles of psychology. You can view them directly via the WWW if you have a good Internet connection. Some may also be shown in class, but it would be helpful to view them again if you find it difficult to absorb information from video. We will view Episodes #3 & 4 (brain and biology), #7 (Sensation and Perception), #8 (Learning), #19 & 20 (Social Psychology), #21 (Psychopathology), #22 (Psychotherapy), assuming time permits. The other episodes are also recommended, but we will not have time to show them in class.

Inside Statistics

Link to Annenberg/Learner for Inside Statistics 26 half-hour video programs on statistics. We will not view these in class, but several of these may be assigned or recommended.

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