Welcome: This is My Goals Page

Well I'm only 19 aplitbrain years old and the path for my future is bright and clear. I have planned out exactly what I will be doing in the next 10 years. I am majoring in basic Psychlogy right now at CSUF. After rcieving my BA Degree at Cal State Fullerton, I will be moving to New York. I will be attending a graduate school in New York City, which one I am not quite sure but it will be a grat training experience NYU for me.

I will be focusing in the field of PSYCHIATRY. And through my research I have learned that it will take hardwork and committment. However, psychology is my passion so I wil not be effected by the work through my studies. I am sure that I will be working extremely hard to achieve my goal of being a psychiatrist.

I will have to go through medical school, and newyork extensive training. I look at it as an experience of a lifetime. The old saying "Hard work pays off," will definetly be put to the test. But, I will try to achieve my fullest potential. I have searched all over the library and the internet to find what I need to do to achieve my goals. Some of them are extremely beneficial, and some are even essential to the newcommers. I hope you have time to take a gander at these links. ENJOY LIFE AND WORK HARD!

Here are the Links:

links Here is the homepage to the American Psychological Association This Is The CSUF Page For the MS in CLinical Psychology This was the first site I whent to, so hopefully it will help a lot. Return Home