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Hey I really don't have any hobbies but, whenever I get the time I love to watch The Simpson. One of my favorite things to do is watch TV. but simpsons eversince I started college, I have never had the time to enjoy it for all the time I want. Reading was one of my favorie tings to do, but since I am always reading anyways for my classes I rarely have time to. I love to travel, i'm always thinking about going to Paris and falling in love with a French Girl. "Only in my dreams." However I do go out on social events now and then, but with work and school I'm too busy with sleep. The life of a college student.


Here is my weekly schedule:

My Busy Week
TimeMon Tue Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
7-9am offPsych 202WorkPsych 202workFamily dutywork
10-12pm offPsych 341WorkPsych 341workFamily dutywork
1-3pm offMath 150WorkMath 150workFamily dutywork
3-5pm offPsych 466StudyPsych 466studyFamily dutystudy
6-8pm offstudystudystudystudyFamily dutystudy

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