These are just some questions for fun please answer them, best to your ability. Then press finished button and your done. Oh and thanks for visiting.

1. You love to go out rather then stay home.
strongly disagree strongly agree


2. I love to watch movies when ever I can.
strongly disagree strongly agree

3. Hanging out with friends is one of my favorite things to do.
strongly disagree strongly agree

4. what was your favorite movie this year?

5. Who's your favorite actress? mines is Nichole Kidman.

6. When the time come I would love to have a big family then none.
strongly disagree strongly agree

7. I like to do these when ever I can.

Watch a movie

Go on the internet to chat or surf

Play a faorite sport

Talk with friends

Simply hang out with friends and go out or just stay at home.

8. What is your faorite animal as a pet?

9. where would you like to visit in the world.

10. I would rather go to a place rich in history then to exotic tropical islands.
strongly disagree strongly agree


11. I think the pictures on this page rocks.
strongly disagree strongly agree

12. what is the one thing you value in life,(I would love a full story if you want)?

13. Are you Male or Female?
14. What is your age? years.
15. How many years of Education have you completed?
Put 12 for High School Diploma.
Put 16 for college diploma (bachelor's degree, B.A., B.S., etc.).
Put 20 for doctorate degree (Ph.D., M.D., etc).
16. Nationality (country of birth):

Please check your answers. When you are done, push the button below.

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