I was born in beautiful San Diego, Ca to my loving and wonderful parents Aubrey and Willetra Brittian. I enjoyed living 10 minutes from the beach until I moved to Orange County to pursue my degree in psychology. I have two brothers (Orlando and Brian) and one sister (Amber). I am currently a graduate student working on my masters degree in experimental psychology. My goal is to continue on for a Ph.D. in developmental psychology. I am working on my thesis with Dr. Julie Stokes at California State University, Fullerton. My hopes are to be accepted at University of California, Berkeley or Howard University. I am currently working in the African-American Resource Center on campus.

This is Cofee.

Research Interests

I am currently researching the effects of mentorship programs on African-American males and predominately White universities and colleges. My future research interests include the increase of HIV/AIDS among African-American women, parenting leniency after the first born child, and suicidal ideation as it relates to acculturative stress.

Link to Cal State Fullerton Psych Dept