Here are some pictures and descriptions of some of the children that I have babysat for since they were only months old.

Kassidy and Tanner are brother and sister with a sibling on the way.
Kassidy, Age 6, Currently playing Softball.     Tanner, Age 5, Currently playing T-ball.

Jordan, Age 9, Currently playing Softball.     Sydney, Age 7, Currently playing Softball.

Here are various pictures of the kids together.

Jordan and Sydney in the mountains.Jordan and Sydney on Valentines Day
Jordan and Sydney playing dressup.Kassidy and Tanner eating ice cream.
From Left, Jordan, Sydney, Tanner, Grandma, and Kassidy at Holloween a couple of years ago.Sydney with Mitch
Kassidy and Tanner again.Jordan, Sydney and Kassidy with their cooking aprons.

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