Chapter 5 Quiz 2

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1. Forms allow:

a. the reader to respond directly
b. the respondent to remain anonymous
c. the person without email to participate
d. a and b
e. a, b and c

2. A line in the source code for a web page reads as follows:
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="06owned" SIZE="3" MAXLENGTH="4"> months

Which response will be accepted?

a. 100025
b. 2245
c. 144
d. b and c
e. none of the above

3. Which tag will create a button for erasing a form?

a. <INPUT TYPE="reset" VALUE="start over">
b. <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="00answer" SIZE="3" MAXLENGTH="3"> reset
c. <INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="reset">
d. <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="reset" VALUE="start over">
e. a and d

4. Two-way communication for a web page is created with the tags:

a. <FORM> </FORM>
b. <HTML> </HTML>
c. <FORM METHOD="post" ACTION="> </FORM>
d. a and b
e. a and c

5. CGI stands for:

a. Completion Guide for the Internet
b. Completion Gateway Interface
c. Common Gateway Interface
d. Color Guide Interior
e. none of the above

6. You have sent information using a script to be processed and sent to the file, data.csv.
How do you get to your data?

a. look in the temp folder
b. look in the class web page
c. look in the web page
d. use FTP
e. you cannot retrieve this information

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