My Hobbies

Well my hobbies aren't very interesting. I am not really into to too many things. I like sports. Mostly soccer and basketball. My favorite soccer teams are Palermo and A.C. Milan and they're from Italy. My favorite basketball team is the Los Angeles Lakers of course. As far as baseball, Im a Dodger fan. I also like to jog and spend time at the gym.

Here's Kobe goin for dunk.

Here's a picture I took at a Palermo soccer match in Italy.

I also like to travel. I have visited Chicago, New York, Mexico and Italy and I'm in Las Vegas about every other month. I love playing blackjack and poker. Hopefully some day soon I can visit Spain, Japan, and Hawaii.

What I probablly enjoy the most is spending time with my family and friends.

New Years with my friends.

My granparents with me and my cousins.

The dinner table at Christmas.

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