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Welcome To My Online Survey.

The intent of this survey is to gather information about typical responses to the questionnaires that are part of the survey. 
The questions come from several psychological questionnaires thathave been used in the past, and, 
in general, are about how you would react to certain situations and how you relate to other people. 
No information collected by this survey will be used for anything other than scientific research purposes.
Question responses will not be associated with any identifying information.

The following survey is broken into two parts.   Please complete the first part before going on to the next one.

What is your sex? Male Female 

What is your age? 

What is your race? 

What is your current income per year?

In what type of area do you currently live?

What country are you in now?

In what type of area did you grow up?

Are you currently a student?            Yes       No  

Are you now, or have you taken a psychology course in the last year?        Yes       No  

Have you ever participated in an online survey before?  Yes     No    

What type of computer are you currently using to access the internet?     PC     Apple  

What is the screen resolution on the computer you are on now?

What browser are you currently using to access the internet?   

What browser do you usually use? 

What type of connection to the internet do you have? 

If you are using a dial-up connection over your normal phone line, what is your current connection speed to the internet?  (This can usually be checked by moving the mouse pointer over the connection icon on the bottom right of your screen if you are using Windows 95/98/NT) 

How would you rate your current connection speed?
Very Slow
        Slow       Average        Fast        Very Fast 

How many years have you been on the internet?