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Sly's Page

my cat

Hello, My name is Sly. I am a cat. Not an ordinary cat but an amazing cat! How many cats do you know that can type? I was born in Southern California. My favorite toys include catnip bubbles, flashing balls, and I like to chase the laser light. My mommy Kimberly just worships me. I've got my daddy's eyes and hair like my mommy. Presently, mommy is home all the time studying for school. I like this.When she is reading I like to sit in the middle of her book. When mommy is on the computer I attack her feet. If mommy is on the phone too long I scratch the couch. You see, I require constant love and attention and I know how to get it. In the morning Mommy needs no alarm for I wake her up when I am hungry. Here is a link to my favorite brand of food. click here to go to cat food site

If you would like to email me click the black and white cat in the corner below. If you do not have email you can tell me about yourself by answering a few questions. Oh yeah, Mommy is doing an experiment for class and she told me to tell you to go do her study! It only takes 15 minutes and we would be eternally thankful. Mommy's Experiment

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