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Hi. My name is Kristy Street and Welcome to my first ever Home Page!!!

I am 22 years old and currently a Senior at California State University Fullerton; working towards my bachelors degree in Psychology. I currently work at an Elementary School in LaVerne as a School Age Care Assistant; I have been working there for four years and I absolutely love my job. After graduation I plan on moving to Texas with my boyfriend to persue a masters degree in Eduacational Psychology. I am the first person to graduate from college in my family, a great accomplishment that is just about to come to a finish. I will miss CSUF a lot, however I am ready to start a new chapter of my life that will take me one step closer to my career goal. I hope you enjoy my website and I thank you for participating in my study.

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8:00  Psych 495    
9:00  Psych 495    
10:00  Psych 466 Psych 466  
11:00  Psych 466 Psych 466  
1:00    Work  
2:00 WorkWorkWorkWorkWork 
3:00 WorkWorkWorkWorkWork 
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7:00 Psych 302psych 302LPsych 461   
8:00 Psych 302psych 302LPsych 461   
9:00 Psych 302 Psych 461   

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