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Working with children is one of my biggest interests. I work at an after school program in the city of La Verne with children from the age of 5-11. Ever since I have started working at the after school program I have recognized the benefit of a good program. This link takes you to the National School Age Association website; a site that I proudly endorse because of its benifit to the development and education of children. Click Here for the National After School Association Website

The Associations Mission Statement

Another one of my biggest interest is golfing. I have been golfing for about three years now and I absolutely love it!! I like to go to the golfing range when I have time and I love to go play a round of golf with my dad and my boyfriend. I also enjoy watching it on TV and following the tournaments from all over the world. Click Here for a Great Golf Website

I was very excited when I found out that Tiger Woods won the Masters, I am a big fan!! Unfortunatly I was not able to watch the tournament;however, I was able to catch the higlights on Sports Center. Click Here for an Article on Tiger Woods from the Masters

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