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I hope that so far you found my website interesting...its time for me to share a little about myself and what future plans I have.

I am currently a senior at Cal State Fullerton and majoring in psychology. I chose the field of psychology because I enjoy working with people and being there to help them with their problems. I plan on working within school districts as a school counselor and focusing on school age children (elementary ages). After I graduate, I plan on continuing my education and attending grad school. I want to recieve my master's degree in clinical psychology/counseling.

Some future plans I have in mind include traveling around the world. I want to meet new people from many diverse cultures and experience many different lifestyles. Unfortunately, since I've been in school and have concentrated on getting good grades I haven't had the time nor income to travel so I look forward to traveling as soon as I graduate this year!

As you may have noticed I love dogs and animals in general. Dogs are my favorite domestic animal however I have several different animals that I found amazing and beautiful. Some of these wild animals include leopards and monkey's I enjoy watching documentaries on all the different animals around the world.

My favorite television shows are the golden girls, batman series,discovery channel, animalplanet channel, desperate housewives and last, but not least I love lucy.

My favorite time of year is the summer...I love the heat its perfect time to go down to the beach. In addition to going to the beach in the summer my favorite thing to do year-round is to go dancing. Dancing is my passion, any good beat and I'm on the dance floor!

Here are some of my favorite websites

National Geographic

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American psychological Association

Animal Planet Channel


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