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Where should I begin? I have so many interests and different hobbies that I will share with you. Hopefully some of my hobbies will be of interest to you and find that we have things in common, enjoy!


My favorite sport to play and watch is tennis! I absolutely love it. As far as watching sports, but not playing them I choose basketball. Basketball is an awesome sport, but I am horrible at it. If you must know who my favorite team is even though I'm a bit dissapointed with the team right now is the one and only Los Angeles Lakers!!

My favorite NBA star is Karl Malone..I have been his fan since I was a young girl and he was with the Utah Jazz

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    I absolutely love 80's music! My favorite 80's bands include: The Cure, Duran Duran, The Clash, Depeche Mode, and many many more! In addition to 80's music I enjoy many different genres of current music...from rap to latin. Since dancing is my favorite thing to do when I get a chance I need music with a good beat and good rythm to get the dance moves going!

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    I enjoy reading books other than textbooks, but it is sometimes hard to make time. I enjoy the Harry Potter series they are quite addicting. In addition to reading, I enjoy knitting. I just recently learned how to knit and was thrilled to know I can make scarfs! It is very time consuming, but the overall product is worth it. If anything else it keeps my mind busy and off of other worries.