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This is the about me section.  This page is still under construction until I find something better to write.  Below my picture, I included a small profile fitted in a table that briefly describes me.  Also, I included a table displaying my schedule this semester:

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[This is me and my little cousin Samuel]





Name Phu Luu
Age 22
Gender Male
Ethnicity Chinese
Hometown Pomona, CA
School California State University, Fullerton
Occupation Academic Mentor for North Orange County YMCA
Music Hip-Hop music
Movies Fight Club
Television MTV
Books Introduction to Research on the Internet by Michael H. Birnbaum
Heroes Clark Kent

I am currently a senior attending CSUF, majoring in Psychology.  I am currently taking 18 units and expecting to graduate after this semester. 





Class Schedule and Work Schedule

Spring 2005
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8 SOCI-341  PSYC-495  SOCI-341  PSYC-495     
9 SOCI-341  PSYC-495  SOCI-341  PSYC-495     
10 PSYC-305  PSYC-466  PSYC-305  PSYC-466     
11 PSYC-305  READ-290  PSYC-305  READ-290     
12Noon   READ-290    READ-290     
1   PSYC-461  Internship  PSYC-461     
2 Internship PSYC-461  Internship  PSYC-461  Internship  
3 Internship   Internship   Internship  
4  Internship   Internship   Internship  
5  Internship   Internship   Internship  
6 Internship   Internship   Internship  













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