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Psychological Experiments

Social  top

  • Social Behavior Inventory
  • The Implicit Association Test
  • Determinats of Attractiveness
  • Partner Selection Survey
  • Social Concerns Survey
  • Impression Formation
  • Romantic Relationship Survey
  • Marriage Inventory
  • Face Prints Experiment
  • Industrial/Organizational  top

  • Workplace Attitudes Study
  • Personnel Selection Study
  • Microsoft Research Studies
  • Personality  top

  • Personality and Performance
  • Personality Test
  • Perceptions of the Causes and Treatments of Shyness
  • Cognition  top

  • Face Recognition Study
  • Leaf Experiment
  • Witnessing a Robbery
  • Mental Rotation Task
  • Memory Study
  • Adjectives and Adverbs Study
  • Logic Study
  • Decision Making Experiment
  • Subliminal Experiments
  • Other Links  top

  • The American Psychological Society--Provides links to psychological research in a number of different areas (includes studies listed on this page).
  • PsychExperiments--Experiments (mostly cognitive) being conducted by the University of Mississippi.
  • Body-Mind Queen Dom--Contains numerous psychological surveys and tests, including I.Q. and personality.

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