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Here are some pics of me that aren't too hideous...

I am currently in the Psychology M.A. program at Cal State Fullerton.

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...but enough about me, let's talk about ME!

This is an example of the really cool faculty at CSUF: Dr. Chris Cozby, here at my B.A. graduation.

Speaking of school, this is my typical response when I'm having a bad day of it: click. This, too, when I've studied so much I can't remember my name, let alone speak properly: click. Although I have to add that this is the usual response I get from any number of faculty members when they get tired of my crap: click here andhere. I show them my maturity and say this. But on good days when I can't complain, I just say:click.

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Music Favorites

Absolute daily must-haves-the Harder the Better!:
(Click on song titles for sound clips)

    Led Zeppelin Dazed and Confused , Black Dog

    Scorpions Rock You Like a Hurricane , Big City Nights

    Black Sabbath (with Dio..sorry, Ozzie)

    Children of the Sea , Lady Evil , Voodoo

    Nine Inch Nails Perfect Drug , Head Like a Hole ,

    Happiness in Slavery

    Contrary to the impression this list may give, my musical tastes actually run on the eclectic side. Other favorites include (a * denotes those I have seen in concert):

    Deep Purple*, The Police, Cat Stevens, Marvin Gaye, Miles Davis, Jim Croche, Eric Johnson*, Sam Cooke, Elton John, The Who*, Kansas*, Sarah McLachlan*, Sting*, Enigma, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Eagles, Ray Lynch, James Taylor, Rob Zombie, Jethro Tull* and Pink Floyd.

    A word about Opera: DO IT!!! It will knock you on your ass the first time you go to a live performance. If you think you have singing ability, you'll be embarrassed to sing in the shower after your first opera. Recommendations: Madam Butterfly (tears your heart out), Turandot (steps on your heart), Othello (tears out your heart, steps on it and flushes it down the toilet). Anything by Puccini or Verdi is outstanding. Lots of sex, violence, murder and mayhem...awesome!

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Well, I'm really not supposed to have any free time or money as a student, but have a few interests that six years of school hasn't managed to snuff out entirely:

I've been making and raising Bonsai Trees for about ten years now.

Here's my prized azalea tree (only 6 inches tall)

I'm also a self-taught Hot Glass artist

I mostly make marbles and jewelry. I wield a mean torch, so don't piss me off!

Other interests include the shooting range (handguns and archery), Stanley Kubrick movies, and collecting classic erotic art and literature. My favorites from the latter are my Marquis deSade writings (Philosophy in the Bedroom, Justine and Conversation Between a Priest and a Dying Man I highly recommend...go ahead, broaden your horizons! Be forewarned: very graphic), and Japanese shunga netsuke. These are small carvings of anatomically correct couples engaged in different sexual intercourse positions (some Barbie and Ken!), which were given to the young Japanese emperors and their concubines for the purpose of sex education.Click here to see a shunga netsuke figure. I also collect antiquated sex education publications.

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Career Goals and Related Heroes

My primary career objectives are teaching human sexuality at the college level, and sexual health counseling. I firmly believe it is the right of every individual to have access to factual, accurate information that will assist them in remaining or becoming sexually healthy, whether that information is regarding contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, or a better understanding of their own sexuality. Because of this, these are my heroes:

Margaret Sanger

In 1912, this nurse was a pioneer in bringing information about contraception and STDs to the public, risking a prison stay to do so.

Kinsey, Martin and Pomeroy

In 1938, Dr. Kinsey and colleagues began the first objective, systematic study of human sexuality.

"We are the recorders and reporters of facts - not the judges of the behaviors we describe." - Alfred Kinsey

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