Assignments in Psych 466

  1. Links assignment: Make a page with links to your hobby or hobbies and with links to psychological experiments on the Internet
  2. Make a "home page" using the tricks you have learned in class and from the book. For example, use a table to display your class schedule or to arrange pictures; include an image, etc. Include information about yourself that you want others to know, as these pages will be posted to the Web.
  3. Include a link from your "home page" to your list of links, and have a return link.
  4. Improve your "home page" and save it in a folder as "index.htm". The folder should be named with your initials (e.g., Michael Birnbaum's folder would be named MB). Check the comments on the pages. Be sure that your Web site includes all of the features required, and that all features work.
  5. Go to the library and photocopy articles that interest you and you think will be possible to do via the Web. Bring the photocopies to class. I will check your articles and help you select an experimental article to carry out via the Web.
  6. Create a Web Form of a simple questionnaire that includes each of the following input devices: text input box to obtain a number, text input box to obtain a short answer, textarea for an essay (make it 6 rows by 60 cols), a pull-down select list (be sure to code a nonresponse correctly, and 2 radio button responses, one with two choices (such as "yes" and "no") and another with 5 choices. You will add a link from your Web page to this form. This Web form will invite viewers of your Web page to give you comments. The Action should send the data to you as email. Also check the form with the "generic" script in Chapter 5.
  7. Study Chapters 1-8. Be sure that you understand all of the experiments and all of the chapter examples. Participate in Ch7_exp2.htm and Ch8_exp1.htm.
  8. Study Chapters 9-10.
  9. Evaluate the student's Web pages with respect to the assignments. How well did each student accomplish the assignment? When you have reviewed all of the student pages, complete the following evaluation form.
  10. Check your Experiment (see Chapters 9, 11, 21). Make sure that there are no flaws. Study Chapters 11, 12, and 13.
  11. Study Chapters 17, 18, 19, 21. Complete the on-line quizzes.
  12. Write your Method Section (due April 30).
  13. Write your Introduction Section (due May 2)
  14. Take part in the others experiments. Put in your initials and any comments in the COMMENTS boxes.
  15. Analyze your pilot data to make sure that you understand your data analysis procedure.
  16. Preliminary analyses (partial results) will be due May 7.
  17. Write your complete paper (Due May 14), Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, References, Footnotes, Figure Captions, Figures, and Tables. These papers will be returned by Wednesday, May 16, with comments and suggestions for improvement. Final revisions of the paper will be due by the following week, on the day that the Final would have been scheduled. See the Checklist for projects and make sure that you include all of the information (data and paper on diskette. Include HTML version of your paper (save as HTML from MS Word when it is finished), so that we can upload your papers to the Web. Suggestion: send an email to the scientists whose work you replicated with a message about your study and give links to your web page, your experiment, and your HTML paper. Prepare a 15-20 min presentation to give the class during the scheduled time of the Final.

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