Check List for Psychology 466 Projects

I. Paper, APA Style

______Title Page (Be sure to include last four digits of SS #, Mailing address, phone no., email address, date, filenames)

______Abstract (about 150 words telling whole story briefly)

______Introduction (starts broad, focus to narrow)

Theories (including literature)
Purpose of Experiment


Instructions, Stimuli, Designs, Procedure, Subjects


Describe first: what happened. Connect to Intro.
Statistics follow description. Use tables and figs as needed.


What do the results mean? Connect to Intro.
Relation to published literature
Other Interpretations-
Theories and new experiments

______References-APA style

______Footnotes-acknowledge help in design, writing, testing Ss, etc.

______Tables-each on a separate page, with table notes.

______Figure Captions.


II. Diskette including the following:

______printed page listing the names of files and what each contains

______paper in document format, text-only, and HTML

______Experimental forms and Web pages

______data files in ASCII (i.e., text-only, CSV with .csv ending).

______data files as Excel workbook

______files of statistical outputs (e.g., bmdp 1d, 2d, 8v outputs

Excel, SPSS files)

______bmd set up files or SPSS Syntax files

______any other files used in the analysis or writing of paper.

III. Raw data and printouts

______printed copies of the Experimental forms and pages

______coding booklets with S #s and data (i.e., show what each datum is)

______printout of data file

______printouts of statistical analyses

______what checks have been done on the data?

______superficial checks (right number of lines, etc.)

______checked coding (by reading against data sheets)?

______checked entry of data (literal reading against data)?