Comments on your Web pages

For your Web sites please check that it has the following components:

  1. Link to email
  2. Link to the home page of the course,
  3. Link to pages containing links to experiments
  4. Links to page containing links to hobby-related pages, education, future plans, etc.
  5. Personal information-your interests and hobbies.
  6. Photos, pictures, graphics
  7. Link to an anchored place in another file
  8. Link to an anchor in the same file
  9. A Table--use this to organize the layout of a page, organize graphics or pictures, or at least to show your schedule of classes, work, etc.
  10. Formatting and styles such as background color, font faces, font sizes, paragraphs, headings, colors of fonts, bold, italics, etc. Use the tricks in Chapter 4. The purpose of the assignment is to allow you to practice all of the tricks we are learning, so show what you have learned in your pages!
  11. Check that all of the links work in the on-line version. I spotted some errors in the links produced by using PC Paths INSTEAD OF the proper way to specify a URL. See pages 28-28. Do not use DOS paths on the Web. It may work inside your computer but not on the Web.
  12. Keep filenames short, no spaces, and avoid special characters like %, @, $, or space. You can use the underscore_ instead of a space.
  13. If you change your filenames, you also have to change any links so that links match filenames.
  14. Check that everything in your pages still works on the Web and still looks right. Also view your page with different sized browser windows, with both Netscape and Explorer and with Mac and PC. (Realize that preformatted text does not realign or respace for a smaller window.)
  15. Keep adding to your lists of links, keep improving your page. You will soon be judging each other's pages, and you will want your pages to look good to others. Realize that your page is available to everyone in the World now--make it work! Make it look and work the way you want it!
  16. Include a survey or some form that can be used to test your PERL script to save data.

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