Instructions for Evaluation of Student Web Sites

Please examine the student Web sites, including links and each student's on-line questionnaire. When you have completed looking at all of the Web sites, make a brief summary for yourself of how well each student used the tricks in HTML, formatting, tables, colors, pictures, link to email, forms, and other features. Also evaluate the content with respect to the number and quality of links provided. Keep notes for yourself. When you have finished examining ALL Web pages, assign points to each student, including yourself, as to how well that student did the assignments. The rules for assigning points are:

1. CKB

2. JPB

3. ARL

4. RMB

5. FRA

6. PL

7. ACC

8. JSC

9. TR

10. KMS

11. ASB

12. CSW

13. JLB

14. RJG

15. JF

16. MIC

8. Anonymous--give 1 pt here

Your Total Points Assigned (computed):
(If this is less than 320, then you should assign additional points)

9. Please identify yourself (by initials):


Please check your answers. Be sure your total adds to 320. When you are done, push the button below.

Thank You!