Experiment in Probability Learning:

For the next 100 races, try to predict which horse will win the next race by clicking on Horse A or Horse B.

After 100 races, you will get two new horses.

Complete the items below the line only after you finish 5 games of 100 races each.

Game =
Race =

Please use the Tab key or mouse to move to the next item. Do not use the Enter key.

1. Are you Male or Female?


2. What is your age? years.

3. How many years of Education have you completed?

Put 12 for high school diploma.
Put 16 for college diploma (bachelor's degree, B.A., B.S., etc.).
Put 20 for doctorate degree (Ph.D., M.D., etc).

4. Nationality (country of birth):

5. What gambling game (if any) have you played?

6. Please explain how you made your predictions (what was your strategy?). You can also add comments here.

After you have completed 5 games you can press the button below:

Thank You!