Psychological Research on the Internet

Below are links to psychological experiments being conducted
on the Internet.  Check out some of these research projects
and help the researchers out by participating in their studies.


Personality and Performance
Personality Test
Family Attitudes and Marital Relationship
Sensation and Perception Laboratory
Mueller-Lyer Experiment
Determinants of Attractiveness
Sexual Behavior and Alcohol Consumption
Automobile Evaluation Survey
Social psychological study of judgment, decision-making, and problem solving
Short Survey Regarding Long Term Romantic Partner
Online Study of Long Term Relationships
Survey of Senior Internet Users
Clinical Judgement Study
Trauma and Social Support Questionnaire
Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD) Study
PsychExperiments: A collection of online experiments, mostly in cognition, hosted by the University of Mississippi.
Decision Making Experiment
"Are you a logical thinker?"
Child Disciplinary Practice Survey
Measure My Emotional Style