Contraceptive Failure Survey

Assume a woman of 21 plans to avoid pregnancy by using one of these birth control methods for a period of 1 to 20 years. Your task will be to read each case and estimate the probability that she will have at least one unplanned pregnancy during the specified time period.

Here are brief descriptions of the contraception methods used:

Birth Control Pills: This are prescription pills taken daily that reduce the chance of a woman becoming pregnant.

Condom: A latex covering for the penis to prevent sperm from entering the vagina.

Diaphram: A latex disk placed inside the vagina to prevent sperm from reaching the uterus.

Rhythm Method: The couple plans to abstain from (avoid) sexual intercourse during one week of each menstrual cycle when the woman is most likely to get pregnant.

Withdrawal: The man says he will remove his penis from the vagina before orgasm.

Length of Time

The length of time that the methods of birth control wil be used in items presented will be:

1 Year, 2 Years, 5 Years, 10 Years, 20 Years.

The woman in the scenarios will be starting at 21 years of age.

The probability of at least one failure (at least one unplanned pregnancy) increases with the time period during which the contraception is used.

Your task is to estimate the percentage of women who you think would have at least one contraceptive failure (at least one unplanned pregnancy) with the stated birth control method in the given period of time. Please type in the box a number from 0 to 100, indicating the percentage of women using this method who would have at least one unplanned pregnancy.

Example: If you believe the chance of an unplanned pregnancy using some method for 10 years would be 50 percent, you would type 50. (Please DO NOT type the % sign in the boxes).

Warmup Trials: Judge the percentage who have one or more unwanted pregnancies

W1. Birth Control Pill for 1 Year
W2. Withdrawal for 20 Years
W3. Birth Control Pill for 20 Years
W4. Withdrawal for 1 Year
W5. Diaphram for 5 Years
W6. Condom for 2 Year
W7. Rhythm Method for 10 Year

Judge the percentage of failures

1. Rhythm Method for 5 Years
2. Diaphram for 5 Years
3. Condom for 2 Year
4. Birth Control Pill for 5 Years
5. Withdrawal for 10 Years
6. Birth Control Pill for 10 Years
7. Withdrawal for 2 Year
8. Rhythm Method for 20 Years
9. Rhythm Method for 10 Years
10. Birth Control Pill for 1 Year
11. Diaphram for 2 Year
12. Condom for 10 Years
13. Diaphram for 20 Years
14. Condom for 1 Year
15. Diaphram for 1 Year
16. Withdrawal for 20 Years
17. Withdrawal for 5 Years
18. Diaphram for 10 Years
19. Rhythm Method for 2 Year
20. Withdrawal for 1 Year
21. Rhythm Method for 1 Year
22. Condom for 20 Years
23. Birth Control Pill for 20 Years
24. Condom for 5 Years
25. Birth Control Pill for 2 Year

26. Have you ever heard a lecture or presentation about contraception at any school level?
Don't remember
27. Have you ever completed a college course (at least 10 weeks) on Human Sexuality that included information on contraception? (Include Psychology 312 in-progress this semester or completed)
Don't remember
28. What is your age? years.
29. Gender: Are you Male or Female?

30. How many years of Education have you completed? Put 12 for High School Diploma
Put 16 for college diploma (bachelor's degree).
put 20 for doctorate degree (Ph.D., M.D., etc).
31. Nationality (country of birth):

Please check your answers. When you are done, push the button below.

Thank You!