Computer Resources for
Implementing the Recipe Design for
Weights and Scale Values in
Multiattribute Judgment

Michael H. Birnbaum

California State University, Fullerton

  1. Recipe_Wiz.htm ** This page contains a JavaScript program to create HTML forms for Recipe design, so you can collect data Online.
    • Example Study created with Recipe_Wiz.htm **This link shows instructions for an example study including instructions, where participants are asked to judge whether or not they would try a new vaccine for COVID-19 based on price, risk, and effectiveness of the vaccine.
  2. Recipe_sim.htm ** This page contains a JavaScript program to simulate data according to an averaging model, so you can explore and better understand how the model works.
  3. Recipe_fit.xlsx ** This link downloads an Excel program that fits data to an averaging model, based on a particular Recipe design. To use it, you must install the Solver in Excel, which is usually included in the Add-ins. From this example, you can learn how to use Excel to fit a particular design to the averaging model. This version also draws relevant graphs of the data. An older program in FORTRAN was written by Birnbaum and Stegner in the 1970s to do this type of analysis. That program could handle any 3 factor Recipe design. Here is a link to older programs, where you can find RECIPE.FOR.
  4. Materials explaining the Recipe Design, Zen of Weights, and the Computer Programs