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Seminar in Measurement and Model Testing

Here are some files that you can download. These will be in "rich text" format, and you should be able to view them with a modern word processing program, such as MS Word. If your computer lacks certain fonts, then some characters may appear funny (e.g., as boxes) when you open them in your word processor. The most common problem reported so far is that summation signs in the Times font in equations have appeared as empty boxes to some Windows users. If you have the Symbol font, you can replace these characters (which may appear as boxes) with a bold capital "S" in Symbol font (Sigma), and adjust the font size to suit. The MT Extra font may also cause some problems, if you do not have that font; for example, I use the "p" and "f" in MT Extra to represent the empirical relations "not preferred to" and "preferred to", which are distinguished from the usual "less than" and "greater than" symbols. These symbols should look like curved greater than and less than symbols, but they may appear in your document as "p" and "f", as empty squares (boxes), or possibly as the usual greater than or less than signs.

All files are copyright to Michael H. Birnbaum. All rights reserved. These files will be only be available to seminar students and other individuals specifically given permission, and they are not generally available to the public; I retain all copyrights. Students in Psych 520 and others granted individual permission may make one copy for personal, noncommercial use. I will continue to make more files available to students from this site, so students with permission should check back for additional titles.

Download the paper on MULTFIT
Download the handbook on how to use MULTFIT

Download Birnbaum's chapter in Edwards' Festschrift
Download preprint of Birnbaum & Chavez (1997)

Teresa: Here are the FORTRAN program and the OUTPUT for n=100 Ss.
FORTRAN Program counts S.D. & Coalesc.
Output from the program n=100

Nickie and Missy: Here is the (almost final) draft of the CumIndep2 paper, by Birnbaum, Patton, and Lott.
CLICK HERE for CumIndep2 paper
Download preprint of Birnbaum (1999,in press)

A list of programs that you can download

This list includes programs to analyze data and experiments in judgment and decision-making.

On-line CWT TAX and CPT Decision Model Calculator

On-line RAM and CPT Decision Calculator

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