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Chapter 1: Introduction    Top

Chapter 2: Your First Web Page     Top

Chapter 3: Hyperlinks     Top

Chapter 4: Features of HTML     Top

Chapter 5: HTML Forms to do Surveys and Experiments     Top

Chapter 6: Data Analysis with Excel and SPSS     Top

Chapter 7: Images, Logic, and Analysis     Top

Chapter 8: A Study in Decision Making     Top

Chapter 9: Making Surveys with surveyWiz     Top

Chapter 10: Personality Testing     Top

Chapter 11: factorWiz for Factorial Designs     Top

Chapter 12: Analysis of Impression Formation    Top

Chapter 13: Analysis of Social Balance     Top

Chapter 14: Psychophysical Stimuli     Top

Chapter 15: Scaling with judgments of "ratios" and "differences"     Top

Chapter 16: Bayesian inference and human inference     Top

Chapter 17: Intro to JavaScript     Top

Chapter 18: JavaScript and Learning Models     Top

Chapter 19: JavaScript Calculators, Checking, Scoring, and Feedback     Top

Chapter 20: Advanced techniques with Java, Plug-ins, & Server-side programs     Top

Chapter 21     Top

Appendix A: Creating Scripts     Top


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