Instructions for Impression Formation

This is a study of how people form impressions of personality. Each trial below lists two personality trait adjectives. Imagine that each trial represents a different person. Each adjective has been contributed by a different acquaintance who knows that person well. Sometimes people don't agree in how they would describe a person. Your task is to imagine a person who would be described by both adjectives, and rate how much you would like that person. Make your ratings on the following scale:

1=dislike very very much
2=dislike very much
4=dislike slightly
5=neutral (neither like nor dislike)
6=like slightly
8=like very much
9=like very very much

Warmup Trials Impression Formation

W1. phony and mean
W2. sincere and trustworthy
W3. phony and trustworthy
W4. sincere and mean
W5. blunt and lighthearted
W6. squeamish and solemn
W7. informal and listless

1. squeamish and lighthearted
2. squeamish and listless
3. squeamish and trustworthy
4. phony and mean
5. informal and solemn
6. phony and trustworthy
7. sincere and mean
8. phony and lighthearted
9. blunt and lighthearted
10. informal and lighthearted
11. phony and listless
12. informal and trustworthy
13. blunt and listless
14. blunt and solemn
15. sincere and listless
16. squeamish and mean
17. phony and solemn
18. squeamish and solemn
19. blunt and mean
20. blunt and trustworthy
21. sincere and trustworthy
22. informal and listless
23. sincere and lighthearted
24. informal and mean
25. sincere and solemn

26. What is your age? years.
27. Gender: Are you Male or Female?

28. How many years of Education have you completed? Put 12 for High School Diploma
Put 16 for college diploma (bachelor's degree).
put 20 for doctorate degree (Ph.D., M.D., etc).
29. Nationality (country of birth):

Please check your answers. When you are done, push the button below.

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