Instructions for Ratios of Occupational Prestige

This is an experiment in estimation of ratios of occupational prestige. How prestigious is it to be a physician? How prestigious is it to be a plumber? Your task is to think about the occupations, then compare them by judging the ratio of the prestige of first occupation to that of the second. Make your ratio judgments in accord with the following examples:
12.5=first occupation is 1/8 as prestigious as the second
25=first occupation is 1/4 as prestigious as the second
50=first occupation is 1/2 as prestigious as the second
100=first occupation is equally as prestigious as the second
200=first occupation is twice as prestigious as the second
400=first occupation is four times as prestigious as the second
800=first occupation is eight times as prestigious as the second
Use any numbers consistent with the above scheme (in between or more extreme)to express the ratio of the first occupation to the second. A ratio of 1 is recorded as 100. If you think the first occupation is more prestigious than the second, your judgment will be more than 100; if the first occupation is less prestigious, then you will use responses less than 100, meaning the ratio is less than 1.

Warmup Trials: Ratios of Occupational Prestige

W1. trash collector / trash collector
(Since this compares trash collector to itself, the ratio is 1, so record, 100).

W2. physician / trash collector
(Which is more prestigious? Is the ratio greater than 1 or less than 1?)

W3. trash collector / physician
(Which is more prestigious? This ratio will be the inverse of that in W2).

W4. physician / physician
(This ratio is also 1, so you would write 100).

W5. architect / car mechanic

W6. plumber / college professor

W7. police officer / factory worker

W8. police officer / factory worker

W9. nurse / carpenter

Please re-read the instructions, check your warm-ups, and then continue to the trials below.

1. architect / car mechanic
2. architect / nurse
3. physician / nurse
4. trash collector / nurse
5. trash collector / car mechanic
6. police officer / college professor
7. architect / factory worker
8. physician / college professor
9. police officer / carpenter
10. trash collector / carpenter
11. plumber / college professor
12. plumber / nurse
13. plumber / car mechanic
14. physician / car mechanic
15. plumber / factory worker
16. police officer / car mechanic
17. trash collector / college professor
18. trash collector / factory worker
19. plumber / carpenter
20. police officer / nurse
21. physician / carpenter
22. architect / college professor
23. physician / factory worker
24. police officer / factory worker
25. architect / carpenter

26. What is your age? years.
27. Gender: Are you Male or Female?

28. How many years of Education have you completed? Put 12 for High School Diploma
Put 16 for college diploma (bachelor's degree).
put 20 for doctorate degree (Ph.D., M.D., etc).
29. Nationality (country of birth):

Please check your answers. When you are done, push the button below.

Thank You!