The Following is a terrific list of links for all those interested in neuroscience and neuropsychology



Class Information

Professional Organizations

National Academy of Neuropsychology

International Neuropsychological Society

American Board of Professional Neuropsychology

American Psychological Association

American Academy of Neurology

American Psychological Association

American Psychological Society

American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology

The Federation of Behavioral, Psychological and Cognitive Sciences.

National Association of Psychometrists

Cognitive Neuroscience Society

Brain Injury Association

Specific Neurologic Conditions

Traumatic Brain & Spinal Cord Injury

Alzheimer's Association

American Brain Tumor Association

Epilepsy Foundation of America

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

National Parkinson Foundation

National Stroke Association

Neuroscience Resources

The Charles A. Dana Foundation

Brain Disorders Network

Vision Science

The Whole Brain Atlas

Neuropsychology Study Aid

The Virtual Hospital (brain dissections)

The Brain

Brainwork The Neuroscience Newsletter

Neuropsychology Central

Biofeedback Webzine

Neuroscience Web Search

Montreal Neurological Institute - Brain Imaging Centre

Sheep Brain Stuff

Sheep Brain Tutorial

Dissection of the Sheep Brain

Online Publications (free)

Brain Injury Rehabilitation Update

Online Services


Post-graduate Education in the Neurosciences

Doctoral Programs Offering Training in Neuropsychology

Association of Postdoctoral Programs in Clinical Neuropsychology

Here is a great little bookstore!


A great Psychology Link

I don't know the name of the site

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