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Showcasing scenes captured by a Sony Mavica FD-88, 1.3- Megapixel Camera.

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Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok is a city that bombards the senses with exotic sights, sounds, and smells. At the same time, there is a serene, spiritual dimension reflecting Thailand's Buddhist heritage. Above all, Bangkok is a city in motion. No snapshot can convey its dynamism. A 5- or 10-second movie can really bring this amazing city to life.

bangkok pictures Tuk-Tuk Ride (827 KB, 9 seconds playing time). A tuk-tuk (pronounced toook-took) is a colorful, 3-wheeled taxi with a motor that makes a distinctive toook-toook sound when it idles. As you speed down the street in this clip, you see motorcyle taxis, buses, cars, pedestrians; it's a real slice of Bangkok life.

dancers Dancers of the Erawan Shrine (729 KB, 8 seconds playing time). The Erawan Shrine is a statue of the Hindu God, Shiva, located in a small courtyard next to the Grand Hyatt Hotel in central Bangkok. Many Thais believe that the statue is a source of good luck. Accordingly, they make hopeful offerings to it in the form of flowers, food, and incense sticks--and most strikingly, by paying a resident group of female dancers to perform to live music in view of the statue.

chatujak Amazing Chatuchak Weekend Market (571 KB, 6 seconds playing time). Thais jam through the narrow corridors as they shop for everything imaginable: ceramics, electronics, handiworks, luggage, jewelry, furniture, antiques, books, clothes, pets, food. This was a tough video to make. I wanted to show people's faces rather than the backs of their heads. That meant walking against the tide rather than with it. Watch for the tourist at the end of the clip. Her expression says it all.

MOVIE: Temple of the Emerald Buddha (636 KB, 7 seconds playing time). The Emerald Buddha is the most revered Buddha image in Thailand. It is displayed in a temple within a complex of magnificent temples and shrines. This movie provides a panorama of the entrance to the Emerald Buddha compound.

MOVIE: High-Speed Boat Bus (666 KB, 7 seconds playing time). This long, narrow speedboat really makes waves as it shoots through a canal in the center of Bangkok ( the canal is called Klong San Saep). In this clip, it passes by a village. Note the two helmeted attendants perched precariously outside the boat in front. One is standing upright and the other is bent over the roof with his head buried in his arms.

Miami and Hollywood, Florida
Miami and Key Biscayne:

miami Panorama of the City of Miami from Across Biscayne Bay (756 KB, 8 seconds playing time). The Rusty Pelican Restaurant is shown in the foreground. You can hear the water lapping against the shoreline; serene and relaxing.

Seaplane Taking Off from Biscayne Bay (186 KB, 2 seconds playing time.) It's a tiny, open-air plane, with the engine attached to the back of the wing; looks like it was put together from a kit.

cuban deli SOUND-PHOTO: Cuban Take-Out Deli, Key Biscayne (58 KB, 5 seconds audio). It's a busy place. The audio dimension really brings this photo to life.

SOUND-PHOTO: Cuban Deli from Another Angle (58 KB, 5 seconds audio).

Hollywood, Florida--"North Beach" Community:

Hollywood is located north of Miami and just south of Fort Lauderdale. A widely known area of Miami Beach is "South Beach", a vibrant community with colorful, Art Deco hotels. "North Beach" in Hollywood is quieter and less developed. Small hotels, restaurants, and shops line the boardwalk and side streets. The main approach is Johnson Street off A1A, the coastal road.

northbeach Morning in North Beach (1633 KB, 10 seconds playing time). It's about 8:00 A.M. and the boardwalk is busy with joggers and bicyclists. Even the birds are out exercising. There are so many of them flying by that it looks like a scene out of Hitchcock's, "The Birds".

SOUND-PHOTO: Coastline (58 KB, 5 seconds audio). This is a view of the coastline looking south toward the more developed areas of Hollywood Beach and Hallandale Beach. The audio captures the roaring surf.

3boats Sunset at Giorggio's, on the Intracoastal Waterway (476 KB, 5 seconds playing time). On the other side of Highway A1A is the Intracoastal Waterway with its beautiful homes and boats parading by. Giorggio's Restaurant is a very popular spot, both for its food and its location. This movie clip and the next two items give a sense of what it's like to dine outside as the sun goes down.

SOUND-PHOTO: Waterfront House with Christmas Lights (58 KB, 5 seconds audio). It's getting darker and the colorful lights of this home cast beautiful reflections on the water.

MOVIE: A Boat Passing in the Night (475 KB, 5 seconds playing time). Watch and listen as this glistening, white boat passes by against a background of black sky and water.

Orange County, Southern California
Orange County, home of the original Disneyland, is located south of Los Angeles and north of San Diego. It combines a dynamic economy with a relaxed, recreational lifestyle based on a picturesque coastline and nearby mountains. This section provides a brief sampling of working and recreational life.

bikeride Bike Ride to San Juan Capistrano (921 KB, 10 seconds playing time). A scenic bicycle path runs from Doheny Beach in Dana Point to historic San Juan Capistrano, "home of the swallows" (they return every Spring from Argentina to the area around the old Spanish mission). This movie bobs around a little because it was taken on a moving bicycle. In the background you see the landmark Saddleback Mountain (so-named for obvious reasons).

SOUND-PHOTO: Morning Commute by Train (58 KB, 5 seconds audio). In addition to the Mission, San Juan Capistrano is known for its quaint old train station, which doubles as a restaurant built partly out of attached railway cars. While Orange County is blanketed by freeways, and cars are the basic way of getting around, commuter rail travel has become increasingly popular. In this sound-photo you experience the arrival of the Los Angeles-bound Metrolink train at the San Juan station at about 7:15 A.M. The crossing gates are down and the bells are ringing.

trainpullsin The Train Pulls In (1280 KB, 9 seconds playing time). The bells continue ringing as the distinctive, 3-story, chain-shaped Metrolink train clatters its way to the boarding platform.

SOUND-PHOTO: On the Train (58 KB, 5 seconds audio). It sure beats driving.

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