Psych 361
Developmental Psychology

Learning Goals and Objectives: Students taking Developmental Psychology 361 will master the fundamental theories, concepts, research methods and empirical research findings pertinent to human growth and development from a life-span perspective. Emphases in this course are on critical reading of the text and specially chosen target articles. Inclusive in this process are students opinions in response to contemporary issues and controversies as presented in lectures, videotapes and guest lectures. The varied roles that developmental psychologists may assume in academia, clinical settings and governmental agencies are reviewed. In addition, each class begins with a current events session in which the instructor summarizes timely findings or issues appearing in newspapers and magazines -- the idea is to demonstrate to students that developmental psychology is important and interesting to everyone. Furthermore, students acquire sensitivity, appreciation and understanding of the role of developmental psychology in everyday life.

PSYCH 361-1 Class Syllabus

PSYCH 361-4 Class Syllabus

Psych 520T
Behavior Genetics/Evolutionary Psychology Seminar

Course Overview:  This course offers an overview of theory, methods and research findings
in behavior genetics.  Twin, family and adoption studies covering topics such as intelligence, personality and social relations  are examined.  Materials include a text as well as original readings and videotapes. In
the second half of the semester an overview of evolutionary psychology is presented, followed by reading and discussion of timely books in the field. Titles of these books change each year to take advantage of the latest literature.

PSYCH 520T Class Syllabus