Chapter 3 Quiz

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1. Which format will allow you to add an email link to a web page?

(A HREF="email.htm"Click to send email(/A)
<A HREF="">Click to send email</A>
<A HREF="email.htm">Click to send email
(A HREF="")Click to send email(/A)
none of the above

2. Planning ahead when linking your web pages together is a good idea. Which of the following is NOT good planning?

Using relative addresses within your own site
Using a link to take the reader to the top of the page
Using absolute addresses within your own site
Using links to email addresses to contact you
both a and c

3. You are planning to add a photographic image to your web site. Your scanner will save an image in several formats. Which version of the photo file should you use?

any of the above

4. A GIF file is used for what type of image?

MS Word Art
none of the above

5. Sue wants to create a web page that will take students through her new book. The book is one large text file with the table of contents at the top. Which technique would work best?

link to another page
link to an absolute address
link to an email address
link to anchors
link to a relative address

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