Chapter 5 Quiz 1

Be sure to study Chapter 5 and work through all of the examples (all CD items are available from the page of examples and links). Choose the best answer for each item. Keep trying until you get all items correct before you submit your score.

1. Joe tossed two coins and peeks at the results. He says, 'At least one of the coins is Heads, but I won't tell you which one.' What is the probability that the other coin is also Heads?

a. .20
b. .25
c. .33
d. .50
e. .75

2. What does Chapter 5 reccommend with respect to the CHECKBOX input device?

a. It is useful for asking yes/no questions.
b. It is useful for asking, which of the following characteristics apply to you? (check all that apply).
c. It can be used to request a quick answer such as, 'check here if you have read the chapter.'
d. All of the above.
e. None of the above.

3. An investigator wishes to request a person's weight, to be filled in at a clinic. Which of the following input devices could be used for such a purpose?

a. text input box.
b. pull-down selection list.
c. password input box.
d. All of the above
e. None of the above.

4. Chapter 5 describes the use of pull-down selection list to estimate the value of the St. Petersburg gamble. What does the chapter say about this topic?

a. Pull-down selection lists are the best method for estimating the value of such a gamble.
b. Pull-down selection lists may bias the answer to such problems by the experimenter's selection of the list.
c. With proper precautions, biases can be avoided by proper selection of the list.
d. Radio buttons are a better response device for the St. Petersburg gamble.
e. Both a and c.

5. Which of the following tags must appear in the same HTML document?

a. FORM and INPUT TYPE=submit.
c. CHECKBOX and INPUT TYPE=submit.

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