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        I am currently a senior at CSUF and with God's help, I will be graduating

Spring of 2000. I began my educational career at CSUF during the Fall of 1997.

Before I attended CSUF, I was a student at Orange Coast College (OCC). In the

Spring of 1997, I graduated from OCC with an Associates Degree.

        My major is in Psychology and my minor is in Child and Adolescent Studies.

        Throughout my time at CSUF, I have gained many skills. One skill in particular

that I have found to be most beneficial has been the opportunity to apply what I have

learned in my Psychology courses in a practicum setting. I originally began interning

at Coastline Community College(CCC), in their ABI (Acquired Brain Injury)

program in Fall of '98. Since then I was hired to work in the classroom as an

Instructional Associate. I have the opportunity to work with a very special

population. I have learned a great deal from working with a faculty who specializes

in the field of Cognitive Rehabilitation. Most importantly, I have learned a great deal

from the students who have the courage to acknowledge their deficits and pursue the

avenue of rehabilitating.

View More Info. on the ABI Program at CCC   

Courses Taken at CSUF:

                Fall '99-->   Practicum Child Deve.   Developmental Psyc.

                  Cognitive Processess   Psychological Testing

         Spr. '99-->   Adolescence & Early Adult   Sensation & Perception

                  Social Psychology   Field Placement in Psych

          Fall '98-->   History of Jazz   Learning & Memory

                    Abnormal Psych.   Field Placement in Psych

            Spr. '98-->  

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Spring Semester Schedule   (2000)
Music333 Psychology 305Psychology 408
M,W 12-1:15p.m.M,W 2:30-3:30p.m.
Lab - M 3:30-6:00p.m.
W 7-9:45p.m.

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View More Pooh Characters Images Career/Occupational Plans:

        My future plans consist of attending Graduate School and then

        pursuing a career in Social Work.

        Here are some links related Graduate School:

Graduate & Professional School Day - CSUF Web site

USC-Social Work (site)

Biola-Web site

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