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"My Education"

Currently, as of the year 2000, I am a senior, a student, at California State University at Fullerton. I have attended this campus for three years and I am finally graduating this Spring, of the year 2000. I graduated from my high-school, Rancho Cucamonga high-school in 1997 and began attending California State University at Fullerton (CSUF) the fall of 1997. I began attending CSUF with the intentions of obtaining a degree in a field that would allow me to become an elementary school teacher. My major at the beginning was Liberal Studies. After my first year of of general education courses and Liberal Studies courses, I decided to change my major to Child and Adolscent Studies. The Liberal Studies courses that were manditory were not fulfilling my personal needs and wants. I thought that the Child and Adolescent Studies major was more appropriate because the focus of the courses were on the development of children. Whereas, the focus of the Liberal Studies major, in my opinion, was on providing information to its students that would potentially assist them in the passing of the Multiple Subject Assessment Tests (MSAT). As I was near completion of the Child and Adolescent Studies' and general education requirements, I realized that I did not have the number of units necessary to graduate. Therefore, I decided to double major with Psychology. Psychology provided me with information about the development of people's behavior, personality, learning, memory, abnormal behaviors, and sociological issues, which in my opinion could be helpful for a teacher. Back To The Top
"How My Education Relates To My Career Goals"

By studying under these two majors, I hoped to gain at least the minimum amount of knowledge that is necessary in order for a teacher to be efficient and effective. Child and Adolescent Studies has provided a foundation for me in understanding how children develop into healthy adults. The foundation that this major has provided includes the development of physically, socially, emotionally, and mentally healthy individuals. It has also opened my eyes in understanding the concept that there may be underlying variables that are affecting the development of a child in any oneof those areas, that may not be visibly noticeable. Psychology has provided with the knowledge of how to observe individuals for those variables that may not be immediately noticeable. By taking other possible varaibles into consideration, such as socioeconomical status, birth order, parents intelligence, and so forth, I will be able to adapt my curriculum for my students so that they all achieve success and knowledge. Another form of information that has influenced my manner of observing and interacting with children, is the cultural background of children. I am not refering to ethnic background. In other words, I have become more familiar with the study of individualistic versus collectivistic cultures for example. The values, morals, and expected behaviors in cultures that are different from the dominant culture that is still present in many school districts, the Caucasion culture, may lead to different performance or behaviors in the classroom. Also because the dominant Caucasion culture is changing in many cities, some children have adapted their personal cultures to accepting some views of the dominant and minority cultures that they have been exposed to. Keeping all of these and many more ideas in mind will create a better classroom environment for my students. Back To The Top
"My Career Goals"

Elementary teaching is something that I had decided to do after volunteering my senior year i high-school at a local elementary school. I helped out in the first grade and enjoyed the interaction with the children greatly. The learning that I saw taking place was inspiring. After my volunteering, I decided to become an aide in a local school district in order to gain more experience in a classroom setting. Also, I wanted to make sure that it was the profession that I wanted to continue my education in. I am currently working in the Orange Unified School District as a Full Inclusion Aide. In other words, I am an aide in the classroom that helps a child with a disability. My job is to work one on one with the child and to help the child become socialized as much as possible. The child that I work with and many other children with disabilities that are in the program, are mainstreamed in a regular classroom. That is, the children are not placed in a special day program or special education classroom. Many children that have autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy or other mental or physical disabilities are now being placed in regular education classrooms. New laws are being passed to improve the civil rights that these children have. As for myself, I see the positives of this program daily. However, my plans are not to remain in special education. Instead, I would like to begin with teaching, maybe become an administrator at some point in time, or perhaps change my path to do some work in the field of psychology. As for right now, the only thing that I am certain of is that I will be attending graduate school to obtain a credential and a masters in education and then begin teaching at the elementary level. After that, I have no clue but to follow the path that lies ahead of me with many different paths. Go To The Top
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My schedule for this semester is as follows:
DaysMorning Evening
Monday Social, Personality and History of PsychInfo. Processing and Geology
Tuesday Nothing Learning and Memory
Wednesday Same as Monday Info. Processing
Thursday Nothing Learning and Memory
Friday Same as Monday Nothing