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Research studies in the news

The following studies are based on analyses of the BBC Internet study, a world-wide survey of over 200,000 people conducted in collaboration with the British Broadcasting Corporation and an international group of scholars.  These studies investigate the consistency of sex differences--in personality traits, visuospatial abilities, mate preferences, sex drive, and sociosexuality--across cultures and countries. Click on the paper titles to see abstracts.

Lippa, R. A. (2007). The preferred traits of mates in a cross-national study of heterosexual and homosexual men and women: An examination of biological and cultural influences. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 36, 193-208.

Lippa, R. A. (2009). Sex differences in sex drive, sociosexuality, and height across 53 nations: Testing evolutionary and social structural theories. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 38, 631-651.

Lippa, R. A. (in press). Sex differences in personality traits and gender-related occupational preferences across 53 nations: Testing evolutionary and social-environmental theories. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Lippa, R. A., Collaer, M. L., & Peters, M. (in press). Sex differences in mental rotation and line angle judgments are positively associated with gender equality and economic development across 53 nations. Archives of Sexual Behavior.


Information about Gender, Nature, and Nurture

by Richard A. Lippa, 

2nd edition published in 2005 by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

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