Sample Test Questions -- Exam #2

At first a new mother produces milk only when her baby sucks at her breast. After several weeks, however, she's begins to produce milk as soon as the baby cries. In this example, the baby's cry is

a.      the CS

b.     the US

c.      the CR

d.     the UR

Lippa's lecture examples of the moth's hearing system and the frog's visual system illustrate the point that

a.      animals' perceptual systems depend on maturation, not learning

b.     animals show biological preparedness in their learning

c.      evolution has molded the perceptual capabilities of animals

d.     animals display short-term but not long-term memory

A mnemonic device is

a.      an apparatus that memory psychologists use to study short-term memory

b.     a brain implant that helps people who suffer from amnesia which results from brain damage

c.      a controlled environment, like a Skinner box, used to study animal learning

d.     a "trick" or a procedure for helping people remember information

If a test -- such as an IQ test -- measures something consistently and repeated measures agree with each other, then the test shows

a.      reliability

b.     validity

c.      heritability

d.     cultural bias

You remember that cats are mammals and that birds have wings. This is an example of

a.      sensory memory

b.     semantic memory

c.      episodic memory

d.     procedural memory


A heuristic is

a.      a technique for improving memory

b.     a way of coming up with novel solutions to problems that "break set"

c.      a well-defined, step-by-step procedure for solving a problem that is guaranteed to come up with an answer

d.     a rough and quick technique for solving a problem or answering a question that does not guarantee a correct answer        

Who developed the first modern IQ test? His goal was to identify "dull" school children and to put them in special classes.

a.      Francis Galton

b.     Alfred Binet

c.      Charles Spearman

d.     Robert Sternberg

Which of the follow are examples of onomatopoeia?

a.      words like "buzz" and "hiss," which sound like the things they describe

b.     the creative, convoluted, and novel sentences produce by writers like William Faulkner

c.      the technique used by honeybees to communicate the direction of a food supply

d.     the fact that "Bobby hits Suzy" means something different from "Suzy hits Bobby" in English -- i.e., the order of words makes a difference

Which of the following is not likely to be a CR in a classical conditioning experiment?

a.      salivation

b.     perspiration

c.      eye blinks

d.     lever presses

Which IQ researcher argued that there is a general factor, termed g, which permeates all intellectual abilities. People who are high on g have high general intelligence?

a.      Binet

b.     Spearman

c.      Thurstone

d.     Galton