Birnbaum & Navarrete Supplemental Files

updated: Nov 23, 1998

This web site is a companion to the paper by Birnbaum and Navarrete (1998). Testing descriptive utility theories: Violations of stochastic dominance and cumulative independence. Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 17, 49-78.

All files are copyright Michael H. Birnbaum, 1998, all rights reserved. Scholars may freely download a copy for noncommercial, educational or research purposes.

Our complete instructions, including a complete set of materials for the experiment, can be downloaded as an RTF file (it should open in any modern wordprocessor, such as MS Word). To download our booklet, CLICK HERE FOR BOOKLET

Our raw datafile, including all choices and judgments (except for the check trials), can be downloaded in RTF file by CLICKING HERE FOR DATA

A decoding file that defines the choices in the order in which they appear in the datafile (this file can be used with TAXFIT and CPTFIT, programs that can be downloaded from the Programs web site, listed below), can be downloaded in RTF format by CLICKING HERE FOR CODING FILE

Additional details of method for the Birnbaum-Navarrete paper

To web site of PROGRAMS

This site includes programs to analyze data and experiments in judgment and decision-making, including TAXFIT and CPTFIT, used in Birnbaum & Navarrete.

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