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45th Bayesian Research Conference January 3-5, 2007

The Bayesian Research Conference was hosted for 41 years by Ward Edwards, and for the last decade it was held each year in mid February at the Sportsman's Lodge in Studio City, California. These meetings have been very high in quality, extremely diverse in topic and approach, and under Ward's leadership since 1961, they established a pattern of extremely fruitful, constructive, and congenial meetings. The 42nd and 43rd meetings were hosted by Michael Birnbaum and held in Fullerton, California. The 44th was co-hosted by Michael Birnbaum and Jie Weiss and also held in Fullerton in Mid-January. picture of Ward Edwards and Jim Shanteau

The 44th and succeeding conferences are now the Edwards Bayesian Research Conference, honoring Ward Edwards, who passed away in early 2005. In this picture, Ward and Jim Shanteau converse at an earlier meeting. In this conference, investigators present topics that might be empirical or theoretical, involving questions that may be basic or applied, and studying theories that may be normative or descriptive. Topics deal with judgment and decision theory, basic and applied, either normative or descriptive, and are not limited to Bayes theorem or Bayesian statistics.

Michael Birnbaum and Jie Weiss will host the 45th meetings in Fullerton January 3-5, 2007. Note that this date has been moved earlier in the month, in response to suggestions. We hope you will accept our invitation to attend, which has more information on the conference.

Deadline to submit papers and register is December 17, 2006. On-Line Registration for the 2007 Conference.

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