Supplementary Materials: Birnbaum and Wan (2020)

New Simulation Programs and Data

Simulation Program: *** MARTER_sim.htm ***Link to MARTER simulation program
This program simulates data according to MARTER models. Instructions are included in the On-line program.

iid Simulation Program: *** iid_sim.htm ***Link to iid simulation program

Data File: Link to the simulated data MARTER_data.xlsx (Excel file)

Programs to fit TE models

TE8x8_fit.xlsx is an Excel spreadsheet that uses the solver in Excel to fit a TE model to an 8 by 8 array of data. It can also fit a partition of the data into an 8 by 2 array, and is set up to minimize either G or Chi-Square. This program was originally included in Birnbaum (2013) and has been slightly revised to include more features. The Read-me worksheet provides instructions for using the program. You must add the Solver into your installation Excel (it is usually found in the "add-ins" of Excel.)

Download TE8x8_fit.xlsx as Excel file

TE8x2_analysis.R is an R program that fits the TE model to an 8 by 2 partition. This program is virtually the same as that written by Quispe-Torreblanca and included in Birnbaum, et al. (2016). This program was designed for use with small samples, such as one may have when analyzing single-participant data. It includes Monte Carlo simulation for the p-values of significance tests and bootstrapping of confidence intervals for parameters of the TE model.

Download TE8x2_analysis.R as a text file and change the extension to "R".
Download TE8x2_analysis.txt as text file
Download TE8x2_data.txt sample data file

TEMAP2.R is an R program for TE analysis of a situation with two choice problems and two replications. TEMAP2.R program is not used in Birnbaum and Wan (2018), but is highly relevant for people interested in testing properties such as the Allais paradoxes, restricted branch independence, upper and lower cumulative independence, and others that involve two choice problems that should be equivalent. See Birnbaum and Quispe-Torreblanca (2018) in references below.

Programs to test iid assumptions

Both TE8x8_fit.xlsx and TE8x2_analysis.R include tests of response independence.

iid_test.R is a slightly improved version of Birnbaum's (2012) program to test iid assumptions in small samples of data. It is an R program containing comments explaining its functions. It is also discussed in Birnbaum (2013).

Download iid_test.R as a text file and change the extension to "R".
Download iid_test.txt as text file
Download sample data file for use with iid_test.R

Python program by Lucy Wan and Guide for extracting sub-samples from simulated data

subsample_iid_test_setup.txt is a Python program (it should be given the extension of .py after you download it. When you use iid_test.txt with the Python program, however, you should include that file with the .txt extension, which will be revised by the Python program and given the .R extension.

Download subsample_test_iid_setup.txt as Text
Download iid_test.txt as text file
Download the guide to